Butterfly Valley in Cat Ba Island: A Rock Climber’s Paradise

Butterfly Valley, also known as Lien Minh Valley, stands as the premier rock climbing destination on Cat Ba Island. Unlike the more touristy spots on the island, Butterfly Valley is tucked away in the mountains – Lien Minh village, Tran Chau, Cat Hai, Hai Phong City, Vietnam. While reaching this hidden gem can be challenging, the journey, whether on a bicycle or motorbike, promises a rewarding adventure.

Situated in the heart of Cat Ba Island, Butterfly Valley boasts the largest concentration of climbing routes, approximately 60 (with more in development.) The rock formations consist of tufa-covered limestone, offering a range of overhung and steep routes for climbers of various skill levels.

Vietnam’s tropical climate suggests packing light rain gear and bug spray, especially for those susceptible to mosquitoes. Given the steep nature of many routes, some remain dry even in rainy conditions.

To reach Butterfly Valley, there are two main options: hiring a guide or navigating independently. Opting for a guide provides insights, instruction on climbing techniques, and ensures a smoother experience. However, for those looking to maximize their budget and have climbing experience, choosing the independent route is recommended.

The most practical means of reaching Butterfly Valley independently is by renting a motorbike in Cat Ba town. Many restaurants offer motorbike rentals for around 70,000 VND per day. The narrow, winding roads may be unfamiliar, so it’s advisable to practice around town first. Be cautious of tour buses and other motorbike traffic on the way to the valley.

Cat Ba Butterfly Valley holds allure for several reasons. The valley’s shape resembles a heart, making it a popular spot for young people seeking unique check-in locations.

One of the valley’s most captivating features is the multitude of butterflies. Thousands of these colorful creatures flutter around, creating a picturesque scene. The valley’s charm extends beyond rock climbing, offering opportunities to appreciate Sim flowers and savor Sim fruits. During the reef season, the landscape transforms into a fairy tale with blooming flowers and lush grass.

Rock climbing is a relatively niche sport in Vietnam, attracting many foreign enthusiasts who bring climbing gear weighing up to tens of kilograms. Butterfly Valley emerges as the top destination for climbing on Cat Ba, offering a unique backdrop for activities like wedding photoshoots. En route to the valley, travelers pass through the scenic Lien Minh pine forest, an ideal spot for camping, setting up tents, or capturing stunning photographs. Gather your team and venture to Cat Ba’s Butterfly Valley for an unforgettable experience!