About V’Spirit

The name “V’SPIRIT” actually means “Vietnamese Spirit”, and V’Spirit Cruises aims to help customers experience the essence of everyday life in Vietnam. With this philosophy in mind, V’Spirit Cruises is designed with a timeless traditional style, yet features modern and luxurious amenities. Each cabin offers sea-view windows, private bathrooms, modern comforts, and a comfortable sunbathing bar. The onboard chefs serve the finest traditional Vietnamese cuisine, while the cruise guides provide insights into both contemporary life and our ancient history.

Since its establishment in 2012, V’Spirit has stayed true to its initial commitment: to capture the best aspects of classic, comfortable voyages and update them to reflect the present-day lifestyle.

What sets V’Spirit Cruises apart from other holiday choices is its passionate dedication to providing travelers with an experience that exceeds expectations. V’Spirit’s goal is to excel in delivering everything that makes sea travel popular today – a unique and exciting journey, high-quality accommodation, attentive service from the staff, and exceptional cuisine.