Ba Trai Dao: The Pristine Beauty of Lan Ha Bay

Halong Bay is renowned as one of Vietnam’s most famous destinations, attracting a plethora of domestic and international visitors. With its impressive heritage, stunning bays, picturesque islands, captivating activities, and a rich culinary scene, Halong Bay stands as a vibrant hub for tourism. Amidst the bustling and lively atmosphere of Halong, there lies a charming beach with an endearing name, exuding a dreamlike and unspoiled allure.

Ba Trai Dao beach is nestled amidst closely-knit mountain ranges, boasting a stretch of white sandy shores and refreshing cool azure waters. With its spacious and pure surroundings, complemented by the fascinating natural scenery, Ba Trai Dao has become an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility.


Ba Trai Dao Island is a well-known tourist spot in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, situated in Lan Ha Bay to the east of Halong Bay. Although Ba Trai Dao Beach is officially part of Quang Ninh province, it is located near Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong, approximately 20 kilometers southeast of Bai Chay tourist port. Visitors can use a canoe from the Bai Chay tourist port to reach Ba Trai Dao, with the travel time estimated to be around 10 hours.

Due to its somewhat remote location from other popular tourist spots in Halong, this beach has not been extensively developed, retaining much of its pristine charm. The secluded nature of Ba Trai Dao allows visitors to experience untouched natural beauty, with clear blue waters and a serene atmosphere, a perfect setting for relaxation and immersion in the refreshing sea.

Why the Name Ba Trai Dao?

The name “Ba Trai Dao” translates to “Three Peaches,” and its origin remains a subject of local legend and interpretation. One theory is tied to the geographical features of the beach-a smooth, white sand crescent surrounded by three small mountains resembling three peaches. Each mountain stands approximately 23 meters tall.

Another local legend tells of a beautiful fairy who fell in love with a humble fisherman. In a daring attempt to grant her love eternal life, the fairy stole three peaches from heaven and brought them to the mortal world for her beloved. Upon discovering this, the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven, transformed the three peaches into three mountains to separate the lovers.

Visiting Time

The best time to visit Ba Trai Dao is during the summer months, from May to September. May marks the reopening of many beaches, restaurants, and hotels, with special offers for tourists. Additionally, the early summer weather in the northern region is pleasant, with the sun not too intense. Visitors can enjoy the beach without worrying too much about sunburn.

June to August is the peak of summer in northern Vietnam, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 40℃. During this time, coastal cities become popular choices for tourists seeking to escape the heat and relax. Although intense, the sunshine at Ba Trai Dao can be mitigated by the mountains, providing a shaded and beautiful beach.

Activities at Ba Trai Dao

Swimming and Water Sports: The beach at Ba Trai Dao is embraced by large rock formations, providing a sense of safety and shelter. The water is relatively shallow, only reaching knee height, making it suitable for water activities.

Kayaking: One of the most captivating experiences at Ba Trai Dao is kayaking. Visitors can paddle between the three rocky islands, creating a unique bonding experience with friends and family. Kayaking is not only enjoyable but also a healthy outdoor activity.

Exploring Caves: The rocky islands surrounding Ba Trai Dao often conceal hidden caves waiting to be explored. Adventurous visitors can venture into these caves and discover the mysteries they hold.

Ba Trai Dao Beach, with its unspoiled beauty, stands as a testament to the allure of Lan Ha Bay. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or thrilling water adventures, Ba Trai Dao invites you to embrace its secrets and create everlasting memories along its pristine shores.