Tai Chi Session

Amidst a holiday brimming with unforgettable moments, the sunrise Tai Chi session have the potential to claim the spotlight. This experience weaves together various elements: the graceful synchronization of movements and controlled breathing, the soothing sounds of the bay’s gentle waves, and the breathtaking views of the sunrise filtering through the crowns of the mountains’ trees in Halong Bay. It’s a snapshot of Halong Bay that many passengers carry with them forever.

The tai chi sessions are straightforward and suitable for all passengers aboard the V’Spirit Cruise. The communal setting makes it an ideal activity for making new friends and sharing a special moment together in the daily spectacle of Halong Bay. Beyond the beauty of the movements, tai chi has proven benefits for those with physical ailments and provides stress relief – a benefit enhanced by the serene surroundings.

Led by a professional ‘Sifu’ – Tai Chi teacher, all classes demonstrate the graceful art of tai chi before passengers try it themselves. For those with mobility challenges who still wish to partake in one of the most relaxing activities in Halong Bay, we offer the option of ‘seated tai chi,’ providing a chair so everyone can participate without sacrificing the elegance of this ancient martial art.